Meet Art Rorheim

Reaching Kids for Christ!

You are celebrating your 95th birthday. You co-founded a ministry in 1950 that currently reaches over 2 million children each week around the world. You have led countless children and adults to Jesus Christ. Got the picture? Now, while you are at your birthday celebration, you challenge the attendees with this simple question. In four words or less, what is your primary goal?

Consider your answer? So what did you come up with?

If you are Art Rorheim, your answer in two words is this: "MORE KIDS... Let's reach MORE KIDS for Christ!" That is Art. It's about reaching MORE KIDS for Christ!!

Well that challenge wasn't just left behind at the celebration. Awana has rekindled its prayer statement that all children and youth throughout the world will come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. It is coming across in our curriculum, training, and fresh recommitted attitudes of why we are doing what we are doing.more...

2015... a fantastic year for ministry!


Wow! 2015 marched right in and is clipping off at a very quick pace! I hardly had time to think about making New Year resolutions much less enact a plan to carry them out! One thing that has not change is our gratitude for all of those who pray for the our Awana ministry and support us in what we do.

I really believe that 2015 is going to be a fantastic year for ministry! Looking at the calendar for the upcoming months includes a lot of training leaders. Our MidSouth team, (Awana Missionaries from AL, MS, KY, & TN,) has a Commander College 101 and 201 scheduled almost to capacity and we are all really looking forward to it.

Several club visits are already scheduled visit for Missions month in February and the area Bible Quiz and AwanaGames are right around the corner in March. Visit for some top notch resources to extend your reach to kids.

God is doing a great work and the fact that He saw fit to call us to be a part of it is thrilling. Together we will Reach Kids, Equip Leaders, and Change the World for Christ!

Thank you, Mark

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Summit is the premier annual event sponsored by Awana for High School students...

Summit is the premier annual event sponsored by Awana for High School students...

At his 95th birthday celebration, Art Rorheim challenged the attendees to "Reach more kids for Christ!" That is Art. It's about reaching MORE KIDS for Christ!...

Your Mission should you choose to accept it...

One of the key principles of Awana is that it is based on strong leadership. It is likely time for a Basic Training update...

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